We are always looking for talented people with mortgage experience who are looking at growing their careers and being part of something bigger.  

We truly believe in the acronym "TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More" and have the belief that "Team Work Makes The Dream Work".  

To succeed on our team, you must have a "can-do" belief system with a positive attitude and burning desire to succeed.  

The position we are always looking to fill is that of a "Loan Partner".  

Think of the loan process as a 3 legged race.  The first leg is for the loan officer to find someone in need of our services.  The next leg, ran by the loan partner, is to work with the client and investor to ensure we get them in to the right loan and do so compliantly.  

Specific tasks include initial phone consultation, running credit/AUS, confirming the loan product and terms with the client and disclosing the file in a compliant way.  Once the client gives the green light to move forward, you'll need to complete the disclosures and gather the appropriate documentation the findings or investor guidelines call for. 

Once the file is put together, you simply hand off the file to processing and they will get the file to the finish line and close and you begin the process over with another client.  

As you can see, there is quite a bit of structure in the role and because every client is different, you still have the ability to use your experience to work with the client to structure the file to best meet their needs.  

If you think you'd be a good fit for this position, please email a resume, brief cover letter of why this would be a good fit and a copy of your DISC to  - you can retrieve a free DISC by clicking here.
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